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Re: [IP] money

> The web
> site was down for a day or so just recently because, he could no
> longer pay for the web hosting company we had.

Sorry folks, this is a bit of mis-information. The ISP I was using 
got out of the business and turned off the routers to the entire 
south bay 2 days ago. They claimed that everyone was notified by 
letter and again by email, but after talking to the transition 
supplier yesterday they informed me that there were many that were 
not notified including me. Insulin Pumpers does have financial needs 
and is badly underfunded, but that was not the cause of the 
problem, merely another thing to deal with on the pile. My son helped 
me move the equipment rack to the small office that IP has and it is 
currently sitting in the aisle -- there is no place else to put it. 
It's hooked up to the office dsl line which is very slow but will do 
for now. I anticipate it will take a week or two to reprovision a new 
service like the one that is now gone at which time everything should
be back to normal.

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