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Re: [IP] Anybody Hungry?

At 02:26 PM 11/14/01 -0500, you wrote:
 >I am curious as to whether anyone has a problem with extreme hunger since
 >pumping. Since I started on the pump I get sooooo hungry at times. I test my
 >blood sugar levels and they seem fine at the time. Maybe I'm not use to a
 >good number two times in a row. I am use to being high all the time except
 >for the occasional lows.

My guess is that your body has to get used to your blood sugar being in the 
normal range.  Right now it's used to your bg being high.  It has come to 
interpret that as normal.  Now that you're running in the normal range your 
body feels that your bg is low.  Extreme hunger is one sign of a low.

This will probably pass as your body becomes more used to having your blood 
sugar in the normal range.  In the mean time, when you get really hungry, 
why not have a glass of water and then eat carrots or celery, or something 
else that's low in carbs and fat?  That way you're not likely to gain 
weight but you can still satisfy your hunger to some extent.

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