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[IP] Anybody Hungry?

I am curious as to whether anyone has a problem with extreme hunger since 
pumping. Since I started on the pump I get sooooo hungry at times. I test my 
blood sugar levels and they seem fine at the time. Maybe I'm not use to a 
good number two times in a row. I am use to being high all the time except 
for the occasional lows. Or perhaps it's because I have increased my insulin 
in my extra bolus for treatment of the high blood sugars.  Should I just eat 
when I'm hungry and bolus ? I am afraid that the insulin increase is what's 
making me hungry and I do not want an added problem of weight gain.  My 
weight is fine. This is new to me. I am hungry, not bored or wanting food for 
comfort. I am feeling very hungry.  Any thoughts on this?  Any and all will 
be appreciated.  
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