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[IP] donation

Subject: [IP] money

I just tried to give $25.00 to the pledge drive.  I was told that it was not
enough, ergo I will send nothing.

I just had to add my little bit of 2 cents to this conversation.  I donated
$25 today, no problems at all.  I made this donation when I stopped and gave
just a quick minutes thought to what I have gained from being a member of this
group for just 8 months.

1) I learned of a pumpers support group in my area and have met other pumpers
and parents of pumpers.

2) I learned lots of different ideas to help with skin irritation and help
with sites staying in from this group.  I know I would not have been able to
help my son get his sites staying in so well without this group.

3) I gained more freedom to relax with my son and his pump - not changing
lancets every day!

4) I felt comfortable and able to handle the problem when my sons MM508
"zapped" out.  If I hadn't read so much on this list, I would have panicked.

5) I found out that the new sil-serters are available and contacted my MM rep,
5 minutes after she found out and hope to have mine in hand within the week.

There is more, I am sure, but mostly it is learning to relax and learn from
everyone else's experiences.  Nothing is "free" and my little donation will
hopefully help.

Jocelyn, Brian's mom
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