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Re: [IP] money

At 03:17 AM 11/14/01 email @ redacted wrote:
 >In a message dated 11/14/01 1:10:02 AM Central Standard Time,
 >email @ redacted writes:
 >> The Internet is not free and someone has to pay the bills somewhere. The
 >> servers that handle the mail, high speed Internet access to send the mail
 >> out, the high-capacity web servers that handle the webpage, office space,
 >> electricity, a phone... all that costs money. Most of all, there's
 >> Michael's time to run the site. He's only paid a nominal $100/week to 
 >> virtually full time working on this site. Everyone else who helps run this
 >> place are strictly volunteers and don't get paid a dime.
 >Yes, I know the internet is not free. I have a website. However, I am trying
 >to find out what else is done besides the internet stuff?

That's it... there is no paid staff or perks. The costs are primarily for 
equipment, and the Internet costs.  It's quite a bit different (and a whole 
lot more expensive) to have what's called a "Merchant account" and a High 
Capacity web server than to have a personal account with an ISP. An 
ordinary DSL line is a whole lot cheaper than one that has a high output as 
well as input. Michael has, from time to time, posted a list of his 
expenses. Most months he has to take money out of his own pocket to pay for 
things. Michael has a family to feed and does not have deep pockets. The 
web site was down for a day or so just recently because, he could no longer 
pay for the web hosting company we had.

(who volunteers 10-15 hours a week for free)
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