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[IP] re Problems with Set Change (HI JENN!)

Jenn wrote on Saturday:
>I did my first set change today with saline.  I had a small problem though.  
>I went by the checklist that is in the MiniMed workbook and everything 
>seemed to go ok.  I just noticed a problem.  When I went to the prime 
>screen, after I had filled the reservoir, it didn't update to show that I 
>had 100 units (give or take) in there.
I've just started using the 508 and the trainer told me I had to update the reservoir volume myself after priming.  The pump
definitely won't update itself and only goes by what you tell it it has available.
Remembering to double check the actual volume of the reservoir BEFORE priming has been one of the steps I keep forgetting!
If you are using the 508 (I assume you are since you have a new pump like I do), just make sure you know the volume once you
have put the reservoir into the back compartment, then when you set up the 5.0 prime it will prompt you to enter the volume --
use the up arrow.

Hope this helps!
I am loving my new pump and these little problems are definitely worth it!
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