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Re: [IP] Hello does anyone ever read my posts????

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From: "Dan & Denise" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2001 11:27 PM
Subject: [IP] Hello does anyone ever read my posts????

> I am going to try sending this again under a different heading.  I am
> REALLY (caps for emphasis only) feeling down.  And yet hardly anyone has
> responded.  Actually one person did write me and for that I am
> thankful...but as a support group this stinks!!  It feels as though people
> pick and choose what they want to read and ignore the rest.   What if
> somebody really needs help here???    I'm glad I wasn't in the throws of a
> severe low blood sugar and suicidal or something...because I'd die before
> anybody here noticed!
> Here is what I wrote yesterday:
> Well then I know that I am not a newbie!  I've been dealing with D for 35
> my 36 years!  I was 15 months old at diagnosis.  I was dx'd in June of
> But you know what?  I'd trade with anyone in a second to be a newbie...I
> wish I could remember a time before the D.  I guess this is why I have
> battling depression since my daughter's diagnosis 8 years ago.
> Speaking of which...am I the only one (???)...who in spite of frequent
> testing...8 or more times a day...I am having a really hard time lately in
> achieving tight control.  I'm doing the yo-yo thing.  I'm not sure if it
> the stress of having moved in June...the onset of the cardiac problem or
> stress of battling with Heather over the care of her D.   She never wants
> test at all.  I feel like I am sinking into a bottomless black pit!!!
> And to top it off I  have been told that Tricare (military's insurance)
> doesn't cover diabetic education in this region.  It did where we just
> from.  So if I am to have any help getting myself or my daughter
> straightened out I have to pay out of pocket.  Heather's not even on the
> pump yet.  The only military diabetic educator here isn't pump certified
> because there just aren't enough patients for her to have the required
> amount of pump starts for certification.
> I hate my life...why is it that as a child the diabetes never bothered me
> but now as an adult it depresses the mess out of me?
> ***sigh***
> Now I don't expect that anybody could solve these problems...but a simple
> "Hey I've been through that!"   Or "Yes I'm in/been in/ the military and I
> understand your frustration!"  Would also have made me feel better.
> Sometimes I truly do feel ALL alone in this.   My husband can only
> understand a small part of this...and I am really depressed these days...I
> need some encouragement!
> So is anyone out there???  Or am I the only Soldier fighting this war????
> -Denise
> ----------------------------------------------------------
In a word, No, you are not alone but I do not know what to say to you. You
are bottomed out but must recognize the need for professional help. this is
not a place for treatment of your depression. Go see a psychiatrist for some
anti depressant meds and talk therapy. spot
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