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[IP] Proposal.

"Michael is proposing that members only need to pledge 60 cents a month,
is only $7.20 a year.  We aren't talking about $25-30 a year, or even close
to that.  I guess people would need to decide whether the information they
receive from the list is worth sixty cents a day; it is to me.

I feel sorry for the committed volunteers who are put in the position of
begging for funds.  I'm sure it's not a task they relish.


This sounds cool! I had actually emailed a pal and said why not $9.00 a
year? That equals .75 cents a month and even I on a very low income can
afford that. He said it wouldn't be enough. That m'dears is all I could
do/afford. I think if we all pitched in then the begging' could stop.

How 'bout it, people? We do get a lot of good from this, so c'mon, it'll be
worth it.

Jenny Sutherland
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