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[IP] re: I'm gonna scream!! Why are Endo's so resistant to change???

<<Michael Herdeen <email @ redacted>
I had posted a message last week about the problems my daughter has been
having with sites not lasting more than 24 - 36 hours. My daughter's Endo's
only solution is to move to daily site changes (UGH!).........
Well, we've been doing daily site changes for the past 10 days and of course
my daughter's numbers have been much better. Actually they are running too
low. So, I called the Endo today to discuss her lows and asked about Novolog
or Velosulin and the office didn't want to discuss it. Their solution is to
adjust her basal rates and stick with daily site changes.>>

My heart goes out to you & your daughter!  How terrible an attitude.
Those are some people who need to try living with DM for a few days,
not just seeing patients for a few minutes in their offices.  I hate
being talked to like I can't understand something.  If we had to do 
daily site changes, we would definitely NOT be pumping.  Fortunately, our
pediatric endo worked with us to try Humalog mixed with Regular when we
got that suggestion from this wonderful list, and recently let us try 
Novolog, which we're now into our 2nd month on with GREAT results!

I'm fairly sure that Eli Lilly doesn't "recommend" Humalog in a
pump, but that's what most people use.  My understanding is that 
once the medication is released that the doctor can prescribe it
for alternate uses.  I think that's a cop-out on Novolog.

Certainly if you have an alternative doctor to go to my advice
would be to go as quickly as possible.  Short of that, let that
doctor know that there are pediatric endocrinologists in the U.S.
who CARE about the QUALITY of life that their patients have as
well as the control of their diabetes.  Tell your doctor that it
is simply unacceptable for your daughter to have to endure daily
site changes.  It's also an unreasonable cost for the insurance 
to bear.

If the doctor doesn't want your child to be an "experiment", my
response is that living with diabetes is an experiment every day.
We hate having to do that with our son, but at the same time
we're forging new ground in finding the best control for him 
balanced with a very livable plan.  I will also check & see if
our endo would be willing to discuss this with anyone else who
calls.  I would be happy to write up our experience 
to share with your endo.  

Ultimately, though, this is YOUR child, not the endo's.  You &
your daugher live with diabetes every minute.  My guess is that
the endo does not - I would think that an endo with DM would
be much more inclined to find a workable solution.  Take charge.
Call them & assertively, not aggressively, tell them what
you want & keep saying it every day until you get what you

Good luck!  Hope we can support you!
Shelly Van Dyke, Austin, TX, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99
& pumping 3/01 (Novolog 10/1/01)

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