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Re:[IP] Still fighting the insurance

>Out of curiosity, do you both have coverage for BC/BS of Michigan from the 
>same source? I know that the plan (not the state of Michigan) we have can 
>also be offered through other employers. These employers can choose the 
>level of coverage for different items in the plan so that something that 
>we have covered may be covered at a lesser amount or not at all under, and 
>vice versa.
>Marj; Mike; and "Ace, the PP" (portable pancreas)

That's not quite accurate.  I did check into that and so did my husband's 
employer.  There's no provisions in the PPO coverage I have to get more of 
any supplies.  It's the same for all DME regardless of which PPO Plan you 
have.  I also negotiated with BC/BS for insurance where I work and there 
were no riders for additional supplies to be covered.  The only options are 
whether your plan will cover DME or not, not how much of DME is 
covered.  This is true at least for plans sold to small companies, I'm not 
sure how plans for large companies such as the Big 3 are handled.

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