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[IP] Re: Michigan Diabetes Supplies

>I have BC/BS  of Michigan too and so far I have been able to get as many
>strips as I want.  I used to order from National Diabetic Pharmacy and they
>would send me 900 (3 months supply) at a time.  Lately I have been ordering
>them from Michigan Diabetes Supplies and they only send 200 strips at a
>time, but I can order twice a month.  Getting more strips has never been a
>problem.  I do use about 300 strips a month.  It just doesn't seem fair what
>they are doing to you!!

I'm beginning to think that there's just a trick to getting more 
strips.  They did pay for 300, but when I bought them at 2 different times 
each month.  The last couple months I bought them all at the same time and 
they said only 200 per month.  We shouldn't have to play these stupid games 
with them, but this month I'll send the receipts in separately and see if 
they pay the whole thing, I'll just bet they will.  Btw, what's the phone 
number for Michigan Diabetes Supplies?  Perhaps I'll check with them.  Thanks.

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