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[IP] "D" Divers

Hey "D" Divers
       I am an avid scuba diver myself and a pump user. Everyone's ideas are
fantastic but we do need to remember 2 things and they are 1. everyone's body
is different in the way it uses insulin. 2. While diving you need to keep them
a little higher because we all know what happens when we go low and you need
to be able to surface and be alert to avoid any injury while coming up. I have
been diving for 10 years and have had diabetes for 28 and I have had to learn
to push my BS up between 300 - 400 for a 120 foot dive and when I surface 10
to 15 minutes later my BS is back at 70. The water depth and temp does make a
huge difference.

Mimi Fleming
email @ redacted
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