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[IP] Re: Sils

I'd like to hear from those that use sils, why they chose that particular 
infusion set.  I'd like to know what the advantages are.  Last week I was 
wearing a CGMS and the sensor I was told was similar to a sil.  My CDE said 
that the introducer needle was a little longer and a little bigger around.  
They inserted the sensor into my upper hip.  It was very comfortable, there 
was no discomfort with insertion.  I liked having it behind me and out of the 
way.  The inserter that they used is the first generation silserter.  The 
look of the sils always scared me, but with an inserter I think I could 
manage.  Do sils disconnect, because this sensor didn't, I had the 
opportunity to experience a shower bag.  How much difficulty is there 
inserting and disconnecting a site that is in your upper hip?  Any imput 
would be appreciated.
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