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[IP] Appt. with new endo.

I went and saw the new endo today.  He was really nice.  He was also very
thorough.  He had me schedule an appointment with his Diabetes Educator, who
is "well trained in insulin pumps" according to him.  She and I will see what
we can figure out about my pump -- and if she thinks the pump is actually
causing the problems, and it's not just me (cause some of it is problems like
-- taking the same amount of insulin for the same food and the same activity
-- one day will work fine, the next will not -- is the pump not delivering a
proper bolus?  Or is my body that screwy?) -- he will gladly write a letter of
medical necessity and we'll get it sent.

Also, he asked if I was handling the pump by myself or if my GP was helping.
I told him no, basically since I started the pump -- I had done it all myself.
He looked at my blood sugar readings (I've only been writing them down for
about 3 weeks though.  I never wrote them down before.)  and told me he was
very impressed!!  Made me feel good!  He said that it looked like I knew what
I was doing and he was very impressed with how well I was handling my pump on
my own!  *G*  That made me really happy!!

Deb in Southern Illinois
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