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[IP] Don't those idiots at the mail order pharmacy know anything?

Remember when I posted last week about getting my insulin -- and it NOT being
packed in ice?  Well, they were supposed to send me some new insulin, packed
in ice - and I was supposed to send the other stuff back.  Guess what -- I got
my new insulin today -- NO ICE PACK!!  Again!!   I realize that the weather
outside is cooler -- but mail doesn't stay outside all the time!  How hot does
it get in the back of the mail truck as its being shipped from one post office
to the other?  Or sitting in the post office somewhere waiting to go to the
next location?

So, I guess tomorrow morning - instead of calling the mail order pharmacy this
time -- I'm going to call the Diabetic Consultant at the insurance company.
See if I can get a refund on this -- since I had to drive an hour to K-Mart
Saturday to get 12 bottles anyway -- since I was out!!!

Sorry about the vent again -- I'm just getting SOOOO frustrated here!!

Deb in Southern Illinois
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