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re[4]: [IP] Scuba diving

Pertaining to your the answer I rec'd below.  It seems to me to cut back on my basal rate maybe 1/2 to 1 hour before I begin to dive.  If my sugar is in the 150 to 180 range I pretty safe.  It's not going to get any higher because of my activity in the water, but, may drop down below my low blood sugar thresh hold.

Thanks for your input!.

> the exercise of diving be enough where I can leave the pump behind?

Well, yes and no. The objective as I see it is to maintain bg's above 
80 (shakey) - 100 and below 150 - 180. The reason is not so much the 
control issue of having good bg's but to make sure that you do not 
crash on the one hand or chill to rapidly on the other. High bg's 
will cause you to chill even in tropical waters with a wet suit. Lily 
tends to run high while diving, more so than can be accounted for by 
simply missing the basal amount during the dive. If I reach back to 
my instructor train (last century mind you) I recall being told that 
in addition to the heat loss through your skin, a large part of the 
energy drain while diving is cause by water being 700? time denser 
than air and the diver must move through it constantly. In any event, 
it takes a lot of calories to dive which in turn takes insulin to 
metabolize. Lily has recently started to make a pretty hefty bolus 
before hitting the water to keep her bg's in line and her comfort 
level (chill factor) within acceptable limits. It is an on-going 
experiment. I also suspect that the immediate chilling of the skin 
when you dive inhibits the absorption of available insulin that is 
already infused. We already know that jumping in the hot tub can 
produce a quick low, I'm pretty sure that hitting the ocean in a wet 
suit does the opposite. A dry suit may be altogether different, but I 
have no experience with that.

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