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[IP] I'm gonna scream!! Why are Endo's so resistant to change???

Just a few thoughts on having to change infusion sets every day for your

I have recently switched to the pump in July using Humalog with the silhouette
infusion set.  It has been working well.  After many years on the NPH/Regular
& NPH/Humalog, I am free of the rigidity of the meal snacks for the NPH peaks.
The one thing I did notice with Humalog is that it is faster action to start
but a big variable with the action of Humalog seems to be the amount of
exercise.   When I had taken a brisk walk or run with Humalog, I took much
less humalog that always was more efficient at lowering blood sugar.    When
the exercise was not there, it would take 2-3 times as much humalog to bring a
high BG down.  This never seemed to be true with plain olf regular.

I would consider whether your daughter gets a fair amount of exercise.  If she
does, she can generally get better effectiveness from Humalog.    I like the
silhouette since I like the disconnect right on the infusion site as opposed
to the softset which has the disconnect in the tube line.  You might try the
silhouette but you don't have an injector(you manually insert the needle).  If
you daughter is not very active, you might see if using regular insulin or
Humalin BR helps.
Richard Hartmnn
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