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Re: [IP] HEY SSP!!

In a message dated 11/13/01 1:47:19 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> So we may lose a few people, and that is a shame, but financial stability is 
> a requirement for this site!!  And even 2000 people paying a mere $20-$25 a 
> year is still better than 3400 paying zero....isn't it?
> Sara Smarty Pants (who, contrary to the rumors, is still alive and kickin')

       I totally agree with SSP! was lucky enough to meet her in Mass a few 
weeks ago. She is not like the name suggests a smart  a--. You all should 
have seen it I was with 3 female pumpers and me. I had to be careful not to 
say the wrong thing. I do know Sara is correct even $10-$20 per year would 
help run this site. Jan the Pot roast was excellent I know you called it 
something else, but to a Yankee it was pot roast. Maybe  we can talk about it 
next summer? Roger C  hockey puck in drag.
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