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Re: [IP] My reasons for the Animas

>I was just wondering what type of minimed you had? I have a 507c that is
>still under warranty that I want to "trade in" for an Animas. Do you still
>have your MM or did they give you some kind of credit for it?? What was the
>cost to upgrade to the Animas....I know insurance and whatever is diffrent
>but I was just curious. Thanks!!

Hi Kristen,

I had the MM507. I had to use it as a trade-in. I would have loved to keep it
as a back-up,
but, oh, well. I wish I knew the costs and everything, but Animas handled
completely. The only thing I had to do was get a letter of medical necessity
from my doc.
They got it approved so fast, it was one of the fastest approvals through
They put a rush order on it and called Medicaid everyday to make sure it was
through and not pushed off to the side. I was very impressed. They were
I wish I were of more help here. You can call Animas and they will probably be
able to
give you a price breakdown.
Take care!
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