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[IP] Re: [IPn] first full week is done

I agree with Sara that it is probably time for
Michael to start charging some type of fee for
IP.  Otherwise, it may go away.  I really feel
for those folks it might eliminate that can not
pay $10-20 per year.  As for me, I can afford
that and find the information on this list and
the web site (including chats) to be worth that
price per year.

I also like her suggestion about a trial period
for new people to determine whether the service
is worth the fee to them.

Actually Michael mentioned that if he charged
something like $1 per month (isn't that like
eliminating one soda or coffee, etc?). He could
cover the bills.  Some have questioned "why are
there bills".  He is trying to provide a professional
and high quality site.  Call your local ISP and find
out what they charge to have a web site that allows
multiple people (like 100+) to connect at one time
and still have reasonible connection speed.  You
might be surprised by the price.....it sure isn't
the $19.95 per month special they advertise for a
single user.  And the time and effort to set up the
web site, maintain the online links and archives,
the mail list, etc......it's basically a full time
job (and then some).

I have never met Michael in person, but from what
I have learned by being part of this site, I know
that he has paid for much of this out of his own
pocket because he truely cares.  Some people may
want to take advantage of that and not contribute.
Fine. I for one, will continue to contribute so
that he does not have to start selling his 2nd
car, or furniture, or triple mortgage his home
to keep this site going.  I do NOT want to see IP
disappear.  Without help, it will happen. You
may think I am being melodramatic....think again.

John (getting off my soap box now)

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