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Glad to know you are still around!   Missed your smarty pants remarks!  Course I haven't been here either for a long time and am back for a short time.   Time is toooo short.  

This group of people educated me, calmed my fears, made me cry, made my laugh, kept me company, gave me ideas, on and on and I would totally not be as happy to be on the pump as I am without their wisdom, compassion and humor.   I mean, there is no one who understands what our lives are all about but this group.    I am so grateful to all of you. 

I agree with Sara.....Michael and the many wonderful volunteers have given so much blood sweat and tears to keep us on line, in tune and comforted and cared for than anybody I have ever known.   This is a non profit support group.  Even AA & NA pass the basket for a buck at each meeting!  At those places donations are always voluntary...no one is ever turned away.   But most folks there know the value, like you do, and can scrape up a buck. 

Where can you get this kind of value for $ 0.60 a month?????   Come on, you guys, anti up!   Send a check!   Put a monthly donation on your credit card....
Bonnie Richardson
Hville, AL

>>>>From: email @ redacted 
Subject: [IP] Re: [IPn] first full week is done

As a long time member of IP (since the days we had 200 members....) I vote 
that Michael start charging a modest annual fee to use the service.  Surely 
almost all 3,400 of us feel the site is useful and something necessary

A free trial period for those who want to check out the site and try it 
out...perhaps another fee for those who just want to read adn browse but not 

So we may lose a few people, and that is a shame, but financial stability is 
a requirement for this site!!  And even 2000 people paying a mere $20-$25 a 
year is still better than 3400 paying zero....isn't it?

Sara Smarty Pants (who, contrary to the rumors, is still alive and kickin')
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