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[IP] Still fighting the insurance

I got a call from a lady at my insurance company regarding information I 
had sent to my State Senator about them not paying for all of my test 
strips.  She told me that the limit was 200 strips and that was that.  I 
asked her why it was only 200 and she said, because it was.  I then asked 
her who set that limit and what criteria they used and she got frustrated 
and said she didn't know and she would have to get back to me.  So, looks 
like BC/BS of Michigan is going to try to dodge the new State Law in 
Michigan.  I do have my formal appeal in to them and I'm waiting to hear 
back from them on that one.  They have to let me know in writing in 30 
days, I think.  I'm growing weary of the battle, I'm just wondering why 
they can't make it any easier.  You'd think they'd be happy to spend 60 
crummy bucks extra a month to help keep me healthy and save big bucks in 
the long run.  My husband's premium for insurance is over $900 a month and 
so far his employer is picking up the whole tab (that might change in the 
next few months).  You'd just think they wouldn't give me such a hard time 
over $60. *sigh*

RoseLea (who's done whining now)
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