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[IP] I'm gonna scream!! Why are Endo's so resistant to change???

I had posted a message last week about the problems my daughter has been
having with sites not lasting more than 24 - 36 hours. My daughter's Endo's
only solution is to move to daily site changes (UGH!).

I got some great information back from many people on the list (Thank you
all!). I really like the Novolog solution (or even mixing a little Velosulin
in with Humalog). These two suggestions seem to be working great for many
people. I even did some more research on Novolog and am convinced this will
help my daughter.

Well, we've been doing daily site changes for the past 10 days and of course
my daughter's numbers have been much better. Actually they are running too
low. So, I called the Endo today to discuss her lows and asked about Novolog
or Velosulin and the office didn't want to discuss it. Their solution is to
adjust her basal rates and stick with daily site changes. I explained that
it's not the lows I'm complaining about, it's the daily site changes. I'm
sure lowering her basals will resolve the low bs problem, but we are still
doing daily site changes. 

The response was that most of the children they work with are on daily site
changes. They also stated that Novolog has not been approved by the FDA for
pump use. Does anyone know if this is true or where I can find this
information? I've been met with resistance from the Endo before on various
issues and have always backed down because I assume he's the professional
and knows what's best, but this time I think he's wrong and I'm going to
fight him on this one. Daily site changes are not a reasonable solution to
me or my daughter. If that's our ONLY option then we will deal with it, but
there seems to be many possible solutions.

Thanks again for all of your support!

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