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[IP] Tape not sticking during activities

I need some advice, I've been on my MM508 for the last couple of weeks. 
Things are going well, still adjusting  my basal rate. Sugars have been 
pretty good.My problem is while playing basketball, I try to keep my 
pump while playing. I have no problems holding the pump with the waist 
pouch and it doesn't get in my way at all. After playing a while a start 
to sweat a lot, the tape is not holding and the site falls out. I am 
currently using soft-set, but i am in the process of exchanging what i 
have to quickset, which i think might help.. I am using Mastisol but 
this doesn't work once I start sweating, maybe I'm not using enough of 
it?? . There has to be a product that can hold up against the sweat. I 
will try anything at this point or I may have to schedule site changes 
when I play basketball. 


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