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[IP] Power Problems

I know the list is having trouble right now, but I thought that those who do
not get the digest might see this.
On Friday I was out talking to the contractors about my house when suddenly my
pump starting blaring. The screen said "no power" even though I had not gotten
a low batt. alarm. I changed the batteries (the last three of my cheap stash)
and it seemed fine. Then today, same thing happened again.  I changed to three
brand new batteries from a different store and got a low batt. alarm
immediately. I have changed batteries again, cleaned the contacts, changed the
battery holder, no luck. MiniMed said they will overnight  me a refurbished
pump, but I'm wondering when I will actually have it in my hand.  I have to
get through work today and tomorrow.  I only have humalog and I am trying to
think how to cover basals and things. I don't wanna take 10 shots a day!  :(
Since my recent fire pretty much knocked out my supply closet, I'm not even
sure how many syringes I have.  Probably only a handful. I am getting a "no
power" every few minutes now.  I take the batteries out, put them back in and
sometimes it comes on for a few minutes, but then it dies.  Now the screen is
going crazy. It says VER 60I, then no power, then low batt, then nothing, etc.

I am not a happy camper.
Anyone got any advice on managing the next day or two or a story about a
similar experience?

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Whose pumpy is not working today
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