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[IP] what to drink ??

Kathy said: >>>>Well, I'm with all of you.  I am totally decaf.'d and the only thing I ever get to drink on the outside is water with lemon!<<<<<

I am a diet 7 up drinker also, and no restaurant serves it or even diet sprit.  To get a no caffeine, no sugar drink is almost impossible.   So, I either have water with 4 lemon slices, then add nutrasweet and have wonderful lemonade, or I bring my own drink (Diet 7) in with me an explain why as I order a glass of ice.  Even take my D7 to the movies, and when I was questioned (and they were about to throw me out, I just said I was diabatic and could not drink caffeine and sugar and since they had nothing at their counter...I had to bring my own).   

I am so used to doing this, I have a case in the back of my car.  It is rarely a problem, and now with bottled water everywhere, I really don't have a problem. 
Bonnie Richardson
Hville, AL 
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