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Fw: Re:[IP] basal of 0.0


Re: the below comments about setting basal rate.  For the MM 508, MM advises
first clearing ALL basal rates by setting 0.0 for each one, then
reprogramming the basals you want.  Instruction book details this (page 45
in the book that came with "Ace the PP").  Think it's something to do with
the possibility of a basal you want getting cancelled due to a fluke in the
basal program or something.  We know from the CDE that 0.0 basal rate can be
set for a few hours, and CDE also has said she has some people on 0.1
alternating with 0.0 for several hours at a time also. Marj; Mike; and "Ace,
the PP" (portable pancreas)

> Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 07:13:17 -0800
> From: "Natalie A Sera" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IP] basal of 0.0
> - ----- Original Message -----
> From: "The Kaddens" <email @ redacted>
> > for some reason, our minimed rep says we can do this with a temp. basal,
> but
> > not program basal that way.
> Your rep is wrong. I have mine (507c) set to 0.0 from 9 AM to noon,
> that's when I typically bottom out. (Who said I had to be ordinary???)
> The way to program it is to first run the numbers up, then back down to
> when you're setting it up. So when I got to my 9AM setting, I just used
> up arrow and then the down arrow and then pressed activate. That way I
> have to remember to set a temp. basal every day!
> Good luck!
> ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c-
> Natalie A. Sera, with all her ducks in a row!
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