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[IP] My reasons for the Animas

Hi Deanna,
    The reason I love the Animas pump is for several reasons...
    1) It is slimmer & lighter
    2) you can wear it in more ways than just clipped on the belt going in one
    3) It is waterproof
    4) it is quieter and delivers the insulin faster
    5) it detects occlusions faster
    6) This is a very good one...The alarms are much louder. I will actually
be able to hear it when I am asleep and wake up instead of thinking it is part
of my dream and just shove it under my pillow!
    7) this is the vain reason...It is prettier and you can keep changing its
    8) I really like the button on the side for easy delivery of insulin
    9) I forget it is their, unlike the MM. I can be typing and I forget about
it, then I have to reach to my side to see if it is still attached! lol
    Now the reason's against MM...
    There is really nothing that I hold against MM. I just needed something
different for my own needs. Besides, my MM's buttons were starting to not
respond very well. That is the main reason I went looking for a new pump in
the first place.
    I wish you luck in your search for the right pump for you!


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