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Re: [IP] somersize diet


Wow!  That is interesting!  I only did the plan for about 2 weeks, but had 
to stop because I couldn't adhere to the plan because of hypo's after meals. 
  My cousin has been on the plan for 6 mos. and has lost 35 lbs.  I would 
like to lose 10 more from my pregnancy.  I am a healthy eater for the most 
part.  I won't deprive myself of things, it only backfires.  There have been 
some interesting posts regarding Somersizing and I'm thankful.

Thanks for your input!  I agree with you...to each his own.  I'll stick with 
my way of eating healthy in moderation.


>From: Amy Anderson <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] somersize diet
>Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 18:23:39 -0500
>I have a good friend of mine who advocated the same type of diet for
>years. She was very disciplined in following this type of diet plan. She
>was a cellular biologist and ended up switching careers to become a
>dietitian and she always advocated this type of meal plan. She
>maintained that not only does carb consumption create carb cravings,
>salt does the same, and there is a ph balance in your body that needs
>foods to be eaten separately in order for it ot stay balanced.
>She has recently stopped advocating this type of diet and severe carb
>reduction. She had a miscarriage and found out in the process that she
>was suffering from malnutrition, bone loss, and a few other nutrition
>related issues. Now, she may have been too strict, or not following the
>plan correctly. However, she believes that she advocated and did the
>wrong thing. She is making appointments with all of the patients she has
>put on this type of diet to evaluate their health and screen them for
>nutrition deficiencies - at her own cost.
>Personally, I am a simple calories consumed must equal calories used
>kind of person. I just want to caution anyone planning on trying a diet
>that advocates completely eliminating or only eating certain foods or
>even certain foods in combination. That, to me, is like saying bananas
>are good for you, so do not eat anything other than bananas. But am not
>a "professional" dietitian, although with D we are all pretty good
>Best wishes to anyone who is trying to lose weight or just eat
>healthier. Our (US) culture does not make it easy. In the end you have
>to do what is right for you and makes you happy and healthy. As long as
>you can show improvement and no unwanted side effects, go with what you
>think is best for you.
>Amy Anderson
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