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Re: [IP] site problems

i am on an animas pump and use the comforts.  the sites are staying in the
tape is stuck on pretty good.  I was sick two weeks ago with
broncitis(spelling?) and ever since i have been having problems.  for an
example today i had lunch.  hamburger bun with roast beef, took 4 units to
cover ( my ratio is 1:10) and i checked my sugar about 2 hours later it was
14.5.  took another 4 units of insulin.  checked another little while later
and my sugar was 14.7, so i took another 3 units of insulin.  got home from
work and it was still high and took another 2 units.  haven't checked sugar
since. normaly when my sugar is above 10 all i need is one for evey point i
am over and it brings my sugar down.  so that 4 units should have done the
trick but i am up to 9 units and still nothing.  at my last site change i
changed site 3 times... with finally one site working ok but not like its
used to working.. i am baffled and confused and very frustrated

Tina and humpty pumpty
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