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[IP] somersize diet

I have a good friend of mine who advocated the same type of diet for
years. She was very disciplined in following this type of diet plan. She
was a cellular biologist and ended up switching careers to become a
dietitian and she always advocated this type of meal plan. She
maintained that not only does carb consumption create carb cravings,
salt does the same, and there is a ph balance in your body that needs
foods to be eaten separately in order for it ot stay balanced.

She has recently stopped advocating this type of diet and severe carb
reduction. She had a miscarriage and found out in the process that she
was suffering from malnutrition, bone loss, and a few other nutrition
related issues. Now, she may have been too strict, or not following the
plan correctly. However, she believes that she advocated and did the
wrong thing. She is making appointments with all of the patients she has
put on this type of diet to evaluate their health and screen them for
nutrition deficiencies - at her own cost.

Personally, I am a simple calories consumed must equal calories used
kind of person. I just want to caution anyone planning on trying a diet
that advocates completely eliminating or only eating certain foods or
even certain foods in combination. That, to me, is like saying bananas
are good for you, so do not eat anything other than bananas. But am not
a "professional" dietitian, although with D we are all pretty good

Best wishes to anyone who is trying to lose weight or just eat
healthier. Our (US) culture does not make it easy. In the end you have
to do what is right for you and makes you happy and healthy. As long as
you can show improvement and no unwanted side effects, go with what you
think is best for you.

Amy Anderson
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