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[IP] Re: snacks at school

In a message dated 11/12/01 5:36:19 PM, email @ redacted writes:
>>Cory's latest episode
was a "wonderful" but "misunderstanding" teacher.  All his classmates
given a sucker.  Cory was to be given a pack of peanut butter crackers!
strongly objected 

> recently had the opportunity to advise a teacher on what to offer a
>recently diagnosed 10 yr old girl instead of the "usual" sugary treats.
>I told her that some barretts or inexpensive jewelry from a

How about some sugar-free sucker or candy? The teacher could be given a 
supply of different things and that was your children wouldn't feel deprived. 
However, when using the pump, the real candy can be bolused for.

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