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Re: [IP] closed loop systems

Eddie Hollyfield <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Do you have a ref. for Bode. Thanks I am concerned with sensor stability.
For a truely closed system the BS must be raised when needed
> how is this done.

Medtronic Minimed is probably the biggest player here.  Medtronic is the
largest producer of in situ monitoring devices as well as pacemakers, etc.
The combination of their technology with Minimed pumps is win-win.
According to Bode at the Atlanta Diabetes University 10 days ago, the sensor
is placed in or near the superior vena cava which has the most consistent
blood flow, etc.  The sensor will probably require replacement every 18
months in an outpatient procedure, not unlike implanting a pacemaker.  The
other part, the pump, is essentially a Minimed 508 in a sealed stainless
steel case.  It has to be next to the skin to refill the reservoir every two
to three months.  It is controlled by a remote device, similar to, but with
more options than the remote that currently comes with the MM508.

In the five patients currently using the closed loop system in France, they
were required to treat it as an open system for the first six weeks as a
multilevel check on the functioning.  After six weeks, they went completely
closed loop, and, AFAIK, they now operate with little or no intervention on
the part of the user.  Most impressive is that the BG never went lower than
70 mg/dL, and never higher than 140 mg/dL - regardless of meals eaten,
exercise, etc.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted

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