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[IP] re: school snacks v. prizes

maybe i've been too influenced by ellen satter (various kids nutrition books)
and betty brackenridge ("sweet kids"), but i really dont get the food as prize
thing. i know lots of people who give 'junk food' to their kids for holidays
only (or shabbat too, being jewish, and that means each week), and that seems
to impose a value on food that none of usreally want - food stands in for
love, approval, etc.
we've been giving our daughter non food gifts for holidays and what not. it
was nicer to have a book or small toy for her to look back at and remember
that event, rather than just candy or cake.
 i was actually just on the oriental trading site looking at prizes when this
digest came. the grab bag idea is great. good thing my husband is an
elementary school teacher. do i really need a dozen kalaidoscopes? ;-)

i'm actually torn about whether to mention something to my daughter's
preschool teacher. being on the pump, we can work that marshmellow into thing
pretty easily, but wouldnt other prizes be better? do people find themselves
allowing more 'junk' now that their kids are on the pump? i'm not sure if it
is pumping, or starting preschool and being exposed to more that has forced us
to change some of our 'rules' somewhat.

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