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RE: [IP] snacks at school

Although for me, I'd be better off eating the M&Ms then eating the
PB-Crackers.  The fat/carb combination would be harder for me to figure then
the good old M&Ms.  Ah, but I've always been the odd-ball.

Coming from the other end, as a child who grew up with treats in school, it
can be tough.  Although our treats were usually limited to holiday parties.
On these days we celebrated with theme parties and had the usual mix of
snacks.  Each teacher had three designated 'Room Moms' which were mothers
who helped the teacher prepare the theme days and helped out at them.  My
mom luckily had the choice to be a stay at home mom and made sure that she
was one of the 'Room Moms' for my classes.  This way she could give me any
extra insulin I may have needed.   (circa 1980 - there were a few Room-Dads)

However, not everyone lives in such a perfect world.  I know that when my
husband and I have kids there is very little chance that we can afford for
one of us to stay at home.  And that, for most people, they are in the same

The best solution I can give is to trust your kids.  If they are on the pump
this may be as easy as creating a chart of the most common 'treats' they get
at school and the insulin amount to take for them.  Encourage the
teachers/students to 'treat' with the prepackaged snack size varieties so
that the calculations are easier to handle.  If they are on injections I am
sure this opens up a new can of worms with whether or not they are allowed
to self medicate with syringe in the classroom, but it may also work well.
Or if this isn't often, allowing them to have the treat every once in a

Then again, being the odd-ball...I was injecting myself at age 5 and drawing
up my own insulin and doing calculations at 6.  Other kids may not be at the
same level to handle the above situation.  However, if the teacher is
comfortable with it then maybe something could be arranged there.

-- Sherry
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