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Re: [IP] snacks at school

> I have done everything from sugar-free candy to little prizes, like
> you 
> mentioned, in the last four plus years  but Mary prefers to be given
> what 
> everyone else gets and then working it into her schedule...this way
> she is 
> not seen as *different* although that has never been a big problem
> with 
> her.....I wish, truthfully, that they would get away from sugary
> treats for 
> all the kids period. I feed my children well and what treats they are
> allowed 
> I would like to give them.....there I go, daydreaming again.....
> Beverly
> -*******---*******
> Beverly, Mom to Mary, 8, dx'd 9/97, and Nick, who is now nine!

I agree.  Most teachers seem to use candy as a reward these days.  They
even do "M&M Math" in which they use M&Ms as manipulatives!  Stickers
didn't work because they were what she got at the doctor's offices. 
Finally, I asked her what she wanted as a reward.  She just wanted
whatever everyone else got.  I kept the teacher and my daughter
supplied with plastic zip-lock bags to bring things home.  Sometimes,
the treats were "worked in" and other times, they just sat at home
until I threw them out.  The taste of the treat wasn't the point, being
treated equally was.  



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