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Subject: [IP] neuropathy...what works?

Over the years, I've tried dozens of things for neuropathy.
Antidepressants, (Elavil  worked for a while, took a month before it started
working, and quit working after a year or so), but the side effects got to
be too intense.  Anticonvulsents, Neurontin, Vitamins, Herbs, pain meds,
Aromatherapy, massage, hypnosis, acupuncture.  Some work for a while, but
nothing is a satisfactory remedy for the pain.
The pain gets so bad at times that it will jar me out of a deep sleep.
Numbness, stabbing, throbbing, tingling, from my knees down on both legs.  I
have found that keeping my bg in good control helps, but still does not end
the pain or spazms.  I have finally resorted to percosette.  It does help,
and I only take one when it's unbearable, as I don't want to develop an
addiction.  Nothing else works for me.  I hope you find the one or
combination that works for you.  It takes a lot of trial and error.  (I also
do the magnetic insole thing, but that is more for my back pain...and that's
a whole different subject!)


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Subject: [IP] neuropathy...what works?

> If B12 shots don't work for neuropathy, what does?  I have had a little
> of sucess with taking garlic.  But it is not working anymore.  I have had
> numbness for years in my left big toe, now I am having sharp stabbing
> and it feels like a tournequet is tied around it.  And i can press on a
> in my arch that will trigger the pain and numbness, so it could be that a
> bone is off in my foot.  But I know, I don't like it.
> Michelle

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