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[IP] boycott pespico/coke - drink water!

I love, love, love diet ginger ale and I don't drink
coffee, so I get my caffeine boost from a diet coke
with dinner every night before I go to work. But
people - this stuff is BAD for you! Regular coke and
diet coke are full of evil chemicals, some of which
actually deplete nutrients from your body. My dad has
prostate cancer and his doctor says he truly fears
artificial sweeteners, like in diet sodas (tests on
many artificial sweeteners have been inconclusive). I
can't yet wean myself off diet coke, but I'm trying to
replace it with water as often as I can. It is a pain
that we have a hard time getting non-caffeinated diet
drinks in restaurants, but it's better for us in the
long run! 
Addicted to evil (but trying to clean up my act),

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