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[IP] Re: Somersizing

I'm a nutrition major in college, and I wanted to answer the person who
asked about why a reduction in insulin would cause you to lose weight.
Part of the effect of insulin in the body is to stimulate the production
and storage of fat (storing the glucose in a meal as fat).  So, if you
make less insulin, you gain less weight, and if you're eating less carbs,
you use less insulin. I don't know if I'd go so far as to say that sugar
is "poison" like Suzanne says, though; fruit contains sugars, and it is
good for us.
As for the comment about dietitians making up the food pyramid and
making America fat--I admit the pyramid has its limitations,
but I don't think it is making us fat. It was designed as a general
guide to prevent malnutrition, but most people don't exactly follow it. It
does say to use fats "sparingly"
I hope I don't set off any arguments with this...I don't mean to sound
testy, just thought I would clarify a couple of things.
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