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[IP] set change went from good to bad!

Hi, the other day i did my usual change out at 6am thursday, all was well 
until 3am when i walk up with a 497 bs, so i did a bolus correction, figured 
i would stay up and check bs at 3:30am, fell asleep and woke up at 4am and bs 
was 688, and i was sick as a dog, so sick i vomited several times, and knew i 
was in trouble. i finally was able to inject myself with humalog pen, i gave 
myself 12 units, my bs came down to 400 in 30 minutes and i of course did a 
change out.
why did this happen, did it get clogged all of sudden. this happend to me 
once before. its a scary thing. i do all the right steps and its fine, i 
guess it got clogged. the old site looked fine too. i know sometimes things 
happen, but those kind of highs are so rough on me. thanks for reading. 
eileen pumping since 3/01. i know next time i will just inject and do a 
change out no  matter what!!
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