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[IP] Re: Site problems

I've also had problems with higher sugars after changing a site.  I found
a couple things that help.  1)  Make sure you prime the tubing enough and
let some of the insulin drip into the sink before attaching it to your
site.  2)  Experiment with the amount that you prime for the infusion set.
I use silhouettes and prime at least 3 units.  YMMV.

Also, I totally agree with the "nonscientific" theory about insulin
forming a path through the epidermis.  I was told once to inject (stone
age days <g>) a few times in the same area before rotating because the
insulin would be better absorbed.  Interesting thought.  Anyone know of
any research on this?

Wow, I feel like I'm complaining about sugar extremes in my last two
posts...  Let me balance that out and say I love my pump, and just got my
last A1C back and it was 6.6 :)  I never saw numbers like that before

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