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Re:[IP] punching non-diabetics

<<Has anyone else had an Insatiable Urge to Punch a Non-Diabetic? 
Kate McCluskey>>
Amy thank you so much for posting this article!  It is wonderfully written 
and certainly deals with the emotional turmoil people who have diabetes and 
their caregivers encounter on an almost daily basis.  Cory's latest episode 
was a "wonderful" but "misunderstanding" teacher.  All his classmates were 
given a sucker.  Cory was to be given a pack of peanut butter crackers!  Cory 
strongly objected and his teacher angerily told him she was going to call me 
and that he was not properly taking care of himself.  Later when I tried to 
both thank her for caring and providing what she thought was a great 
alternative while informing her that ALL his food must be covered with 
insulin, she became very angry.  She apparently has a brother who has 
diabetes and this is not the way he does it!   Ahhh, the misinformed public.  
She was truly trying to be helpful even.  Imagine that....
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