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Re: [IP] Somersizing & pumping?

In a message dated 11/11/2001 7:56:36 AM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Has anyone tried the "Somersize" eating plan?  I bought Suzanne Somers new 
 book after having my son in February and really think she is onto something 
 with her lifestyle (eating carbs w/veggies & no fat, eating fat w/veggies & 
 no carbs, eating fruit alone, etc.).  Anyway, I tried it and everytime I ate 
 the fat/veggies meal, I would have to turn off my pump and my BG would drop 
 AFTER I ate.  >>
 The fat in that meal probably kept the veggie carbs from being digested 
until later. Did you notice a rise in your bg several hours after you ate?
    I find that if I eat something high in fat, my bg's will fall soon after 
eating, but 4-7 hours later, my bg's will rise, rise rise!
    Check it out, and let us know. Thanks - Jan G.
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