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[IP] c-peptide levels

c-peptide is a peptide which caps the end of the normal insulin chain. as made
in the body. Human insulin as manufactured is made without this peptide which
needs to be removed by the body before the insulin can be effective. So, when
this peptide is present it supposedly signifys that you are making your own
insulin which, as a type 1 you wouldn't. the normal c-peptide levels in people
with a functioning pancreas are 0.8 to 3.5. if you are fasting and taking
insulin it will be low. I always thought this was a dumb requirement,  since a
documented episode of DKA is  a more accurate indicator.
Now, the government pays for type 2's with pumps so what is the difference
anyhow. C peptide is useful and has been shown to reduce diabetic neuropathy.
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