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Re: [IP] Jared's law

>>>Of course, the other way to look at it is, we do have something.  I
remember the
days when there was no sugar free soda to drink.  You went out to eat and
water.  Sometimes Mom made me Kool Aid without any sugar in it, but
and machines had NO sugar free drinks in them.  I remember how excited I was
when the first sugar free soda pop came out -- and it was really bad tasting
the beginning. Judi in MI >>>
Was that back in the days of Cyclamates? I bought one 16oz bottle of Like
(like 7UP). The clerk laughed at me for not buying the whole carton. I told
her if I didn't like it, I wasn't wasting any money. I did like Like,
however. (~_^)
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The problem with most people is, they don't admit their faults. I would - if
I had any. ;)
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