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Re: [IP] Somersizing & pumping?

I've tried Somersizing and think its awesome.  It make a lot of sense to me.  
When I do it religiously, I don't crave carbs at all, I mean the processed, 
refined carbs.  My blood sugar stays on an even keel, I have more energy, my 
insulin needs are dramatically decreased.  My parents have been following 
this plan for quite some time.  My Mom developed high cholesterol after 
menopause.  There is a history of high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart 
disease on my mother's side of the family.  Her blood work always comes back 
awesome.  My family is definitely insulin resistant, mine rears its ugly head 
with diabetes, my Mom's with high cholesterol.  When I stick to the program, 
I lose weight too.  It truly is a painless way to go, for type 2's (I'm a 
type 2)

So you ask, why don't I do it.  When I went through pump training, the 
dietitians really gave me a hard time about it.  Said it wasn't healthy, said 
that it wasn't something that could be done on an on going basis.  I 
disagree, and Jenie's post has given me a bump in the rear end to try again.  
When I think about who it was that came up with the food pyramid that has 
lots of Americans FAT~ I wonder how these experts get to be the experts.  I 
have the first two Suzanne Somers books.  The forewords in the books are 
written by a Registered Dietitian and an Endocrinologist.  The foreword that 
the endo wrote was extremely enlightening.  The books are available at the 
library, anyone interested should check them out.  Its weird, when I don't 
eat the sweets and refined carbs, I don't crave them. Years ago I was having 
my glucose checked.  I had a blood draw fasting, then was given a menu, told 
to go out and eat a huge breakfast and come back two hours after I'd eaten 
the last bite.  I mentioned to the nurse that this test was messing with my 
diet, that I'd been doing so well.  She said~honey after all these carbs its 
going to be tough getting started again, when you eat them you crave them!

Jan Clinthorne
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