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[IP] Somersizing & pumping?

Has anyone tried the "Somersize" eating plan?  I bought Suzanne Somers new 
book after having my son in February and really think she is onto something 
with her lifestyle (eating carbs w/veggies & no fat, eating fat w/veggies & 
no carbs, eating fruit alone, etc.).  Anyway, I tried it and everytime I ate 
the fat/veggies meal, I would have to turn off my pump and my BG would drop 
AFTER I ate.  I wouldn't even take any insulin for my meal and it would 
still drop.  Suzanne Somers also says sugar is "poison" for your body, but I 
would have to drink a juice after a meal to counteract the hypo. Her 
philosophy of reducing the amount of insulin your body puts out for meals 
leads to weight loss is interesting.  I've asked my Dr. why this happens and 
he has no idea.  Any ideas out there?  I think this program would be great 
for a type 2, but it is challenging for a type 1 (at least for me).


Jenie Harrison
DX 7/93, pumping since 8/99!

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