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Re: [IP] How does body fat effect insulin infusion?

George Lovelace wrote:
> catherine popper wrote:
> > I have more fat on my rear end (upper
> > buttock,really)and the sets don't work at all there.
> > Nothing, nada. Sugars go straight to 400. And I use
> > the metal sets, so no bent cannula involved. I've
> > tried different sets there over the past few months to
> > no avail. That's a big ol' YMMV
> > Catherine

> Have you tried the 12mm Rapids from Disetronic?  My understanding is that they
> achieve the deepest penetration of any set manufactured (short of inserting a
> Sil/Comfort/Tender at 90 degrees)     :>)
> George

> Thanks for your reply George, 
> I haven't tried the 12mm, but I tried the bent needle
> in those same sites and they didn't work either. I'm
> using the 6mm Rapids now and I'm afraid the 12mm would
> be too big for my small frame. I would be like a
> shiskebob skewered on those things!
> Catherine

I use the 6mm in my arms where there is hardly any fat.  They also come in 8, 10
and 12 mm for varying thicknesses of fat layers.  Use the size that is
appropriate for the area you are placing it.

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