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Re: [IP] Comparison of Lifescan One Touch Ultra to One Touch Profile

Todd <email @ redacted>

> Remember in comparing that the Profile is a whole blood meter whereas the
> other two are plasma based. The plasma readings are about 12% higher than
> the whole blood, so the Ultra (and Fasttake) should read about 12% higher
> than the Profile.

Both meters are whole blood meters.  The Ultra is programmed to adjust the
measurement to account for the erythrocytes and return a serum glucose

But I'll comment once more about reporting the relative accuracy and
precision of home test meters:  it's inappropriate to compare one meter
against another for accuracy and precision.  The purpose of meters is not to
obtain an exact measurement of either blood or serum glucose but to give
sufficient information to estimate insulin needs and to spot trends in one's
control.  I want to emphasize *ESTIMATE* glucose needs.  It's clear from all
the posts about what works when, etc., that neither bolusing nor basal rate
establishment is exact.

The precision level of these meters is such that it's entirely possible that
a Profile and and Ultra would be within the required standards and still
have the Ultra read lower than the Profile.

BTW, it's my understanding that the difference between blood and serum
glucose is closer to 18% - but I could be misremembering here.

I, too, appreciate the comparison between the features of the Ultra and
Precision meters, but I specifically noted that the original post said
nothing about comparing the readings.  FWIW, I have just switched from the
Profile to the Ultra because I like the size, speed, and sample amount
required.  I record all data in my Palm IIIc using GlucoPilot so I no longer
needed the database capability of the Profile.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted

The opinions expressed are mine and do not necessarily represent those of my
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