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Re: [IP] I took control of training


  An the reason you have to wait is....wait?????  Are you older than 18?  Are 
you comfortable with the knowlegde about not only your body and diabetes but 
the workings of the pump?  Do you feel this lady has some kind of insight 
into the situation that you don't have?   WHY WAIT!  Yes I'm screaming 
because I don't like being treated some some jack-ass that doesn't know sqat. 
 And I would think you wouldn't like being treated like that either.  This 
lady is deciding for you what is best for you and she isn't even your 
mommy!!!!  So WHY???  Don't give her the control.  Show up to your class 
atleast on the pump with saline if not insulin.  Show her you will NOT be 
treated like some child with no brain!

Sorry folks, I get tired of all the BS.

mom to Joshua

and still VERY VERY tired!!!!!
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